Cycling Cultures Final Report
Launched on June 19th, 2012 at UEL
Summarises some key findings to date and makes policy recommendations.
Access the final report as a pdf [here]; ask Rachel if you'd like us to post you a hard copy.

"On the Outside": constructing cycling citizenship
Rachel Aldred
Social & Cultural Geography, 2010, 11(1) pp. 35 - 52 (based on pilot work)
A final version is [here], access-controlled. Author's version [here].

Constructing mobile places between ‘leisure’ and ‘transport’: a case study of two group cycle rides
Rachel Aldred and Katrina Jungnickel
Sociology, June 2012
From the abstract: 'This paper contributes to a growing literature examining the sociological significance of mobile places, exploring mobile place-making through an analysis of the practice of weekend group leisure cycling. These rides represent a mobility practice where the main aim of participants may be 'leisure' but most infrastructure used is designated for 'transport'...'
This paper is [published] in Sociology; a pre-peer review version is [here].

Also available (click on the links): reports on [Cycling Policy], [Cycle Training], and [Cargo Bikes]. Additional journal papers are also on the way.
Incompetent, or too competent? Negotiating everyday cycling identities in a motor dominated society
Rachel Aldred
Mobilities, 2012
Now [published] in Mobilities. A pre-peer review version can be downloaded [here].

Still Stepping Outside the Establishment? The changing fortunes of cycling as a consumption practice
Rachel Aldred
This paper examines the changing construction of cycling with relation to changing systems of production and consumption. Cycling used to be the sign of a 'failed consumer' in Bauman's terms: in the age of mass car ownership, is this changing, and how? Under review, ask Rachel if you'd like a personal copy.

Cycling’s sensory strategies: How cyclists mediate their exposure to the urban environment.
Katrina Jungnickel and Rachel Aldred
From the abstract: '...sets out to (1) locate 'sensory strategies' in mobilities literature, (2) examine sensory inequalities in relation to mobility choice and (3) describe how cyclists mediate their exposure to the sensory environment....' [More]. In press, ask Kat if you'd like a personal copy.

The role of advocacy and activism in shaping cycling policy and politics
Rachel Aldred
In Cycling and Sustainability, 2012. Ask Rachel if you'd like a personal copy.
Cycling, Culture, Place and Policy: making the connections
Rachel Aldred and Katrina Jungnickel Draws on Raymond Williams' 'structure of feeling' concept to compare cycling cultures and draw conclusions for policy. Submitted.

Governing Transport from Welfare State to Hollow State: the case of cycling in the UK
Rachel Aldred '...analyses UK cycling policy in the context of a shift towards a hollowed-out neoliberal state...' Journal of Transport Policy; download an uncorrected author copy [here]; final version is [here].

Thicker Description: Experiments in representing multi-sited ethnography.
Bell, G and K, Jungnickel. (forthcoming). Field Methods.

New Mobilities/Sustainable Transport
Rachel Aldred
Commissioned for Routledge Handbook of Social & Environmental Change. Please ask Rachel if you'd like a personal copy.

The Commute
Rachel Aldred
Commissioned for Routledge Handbook of Mobilities. Please ask Rachel if you'd like a personal copy.

Plus short commissioned articles in Red Pepper, Mobility, London Cyclist, etc.

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